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In my Fenyn game I had an event saying that an underground monster had spawned but it did not show up {sadly it left a disease for though} I am just wondering if the monster not being there is supposed to happen.

Taikei no Yuurei:
I've had a couple of these.  I don't think it actually spawns a monster, but just has some sort of effect.  Like once my building was disabled or something for several turns, and once a building near it was destroyed every turn for a few turns.

personally I've had this happen and usually nothing happens although one time the planets champion popped out of no were killed a bunch fluffy adorable peltians and then pissed of. ps but yes I believe there just meant to make persifick things happen instead of directly attacking you

Thanke for the replies :)

It's worth noting that occaisionally the description text may differ slightly from the effects the event will actually produce.

I dunno about the other couple of people that have been working on the event commands, but for me, sometimes the original description text can be kinda hard to translate into actual commands that fit it (there's only so many commands to choose from, after all).  So they can come out seeming a little strange sometimes.   A bit disjointed.

If there's some that seem TOO strange, that'd be something worth reporting somewhere.  It's pretty easy to fix (literally takes like, a minute).

Most of them though should be fine, I think.


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