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How do you get access to other races territories?

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Currently my mission is to establish field study camps next to wonder, however all those said wonders are in other races territories and I cant figure out how to place them in other territories.

I don't know personally if I could id kill them and take their territory's if I wasn't being prevented from doing that by my pet bug to be honest though this seems like it might be an over sight.

You cannot.  There are basically two ways to approach this:

1. Beat on the AI and take the territory, then put the field study camp.  This is pretty brute force and the planet will give you lots of monsters for your efforts.  It's also bloody slow.

2. Find out what the race desires or fears, and do that to them a lot in the territory.  They will then give you the information you seek as a way of either placating you or saying thanks.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of issues:

- Firstly, there are not enough abilities defined yet such that all the races actually fear or desire anything that you can do.  So that will be hit or miss in terms of you actually being able to use this part of the game.  It's one of my main tasks for tonight/tomorrow.

- Secondly, there is absolutely nothing that bloody tells you about this, heh.  So even if that were working, you'd have no way of knowing this.  Given that, I'd definitely be interested in your opinion on how I might convey this information to players in a few places.  What are the places that you looked in order to try to figure this out?  I figure that it needs to be available in more than one spot, because different people will think of different places.  Where are the places you looked, or would theoretically look?

Thanks a lot! :)

Captain Jack:
My suggestion would be to put a note directly on the wonders during act 2. You could also put it on the main menu, the major notifications indicator, and the diplomacy screen.

I believe the problem is that diplomancy is missing and that you should introduce it at this point in the game. Waiting for linguistics didn't produce any expected results and didn't unlock any new features or gui elements so far for me. I caught a glimpse of the linguistics screen in the past and I was expecting some thing like that. Especialy since I was producing linguistic points. I was even expecting to have an option to focus my research on a particular race cause no all of my neighbours had natural wonders in ther lands.

I was also searching for a way to explore past the AI territories so how about a mutual exploration treaty that allows scout camps and field study camps.

Another idea in the spirit of some act 1 territory goals would be that the AI loves of hates specific building types in territories that are adjacent to him.


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