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How do you get access to other races territories?

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I looked in the Relations tab and tried several times to click/right click/middle click the portraits there. I then tried again once I had gotten language capabilities with them. I also did check the boxes to Spy on other Races in the abilities panel eventually, but still didn't realize that that was the way to interact with them. It seems odd that the ways to set up racial interaction are not evident from the relations screen. It also threw me off that the check box was called "Spy on", which is often considered a hostile act in similar games rather than the way to set up Diplomacy. Having tooltips for all the abilities on that screen would be helpful. I don't quite get what several of them are exactly and am unsure of the exact ramifications of all of them. Actually, just Mantised that:

EDIT: Also, I've been sitting with the spy for Fears and Desires Checkboxes turned on for every race for quite a while and with no effects. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to have built a bunch of some building (I don't know which one) or if I just need to wait longer or if it isn't working. Some sort of progress indicator would be nice.


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