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AI not surrendering when you think they should? Save and send it right away!

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TLDR: If you ever hit a point where you think "this is it, this AI should be offering surrender to me right now," then please send us the save as soon as possible into that period (in terms of turn count I mean), versus a number of turns past that point.  That way we can look at that savegame and put in code to say "yeah okay I give up in these circumstances."

More detail, from this conversation:

--- Quote from: Cinth on May 30, 2015, 11:01:17 am ---What constitutes defeat for an AI race?  I blew up a Peltian city, razed it to the ground I did.  Town hall included.  Looks to me like they had misc, military buildings, extractor/harvester buildings, breeders and some terraforming buildings (I think) that I couldn't target and destroy (these need to be destroyable).
--- End quote ---

They definitely should offer subjugation in those circumstances.  Any savegames you have where you think the AI should have given up but they did not, please do put those on mantis.  We have a variety of detection rules, I forget all of them, but we need to introduce more as things pop up.

Wiping them completely out means destroying all their buildings if you're going to do that.  Forcing them to surrender is a trickier thing, because with all games that have that sort of mechanic it can be very slow to happen or way too easy to happen.  We err on the side of too slow, but when people say "what gives, surrender dude!" then that's a great chance for us to look at the savegame, see what the reasoning is for why they should surrender, and then put in code that is specific to that while being as generally applicable as possible.

That way the game never gets over-eager to surrender, but still surrenders when it makes sense.

Here you go :).

Shrugging Khan:
The Krolin will fight to the last crab!


That's my very first game - got the video there :,17663.0.html

I've destroyed 90+ of their buildings, they've got no way to retaliate.

However, in that save I can't speak to them. Should it be an issue when surrendering ?

Burlust this time. AFAIK they've got only the extractor on the East side of the map. Then again the idea of Burlusts surrendering is odd, but if they can't build anything (No seen anything new at least) shouldn't they surrender / be eliminated ?


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