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Why is there minimum resolution requirement?


I wanted to ask why is there minimum of 1024x720px resolution in the requirements?

Don't get me wrong, I would like to buy and play this game (at least try it), but I won't do so on my gaming rig. Why? This game is no HW eater. It's casual game that should be played when the mood comes. When the mood comes, I don't want to get up from sofa and sit in front of 22" LCD, the whole PC consuming 200W+. When I get to fire up the PC, I play games that NEED the hardware on it. I just want to sit, relax and enjoy this game. But I can't, because my netbook (which would probably be easily capable of running the game) has low resolution. Ok, no problem, I will play some other game, there are still many.

I hate resolution requirements in games that doesn't really need them. This is just one of them. Sorry for this topic, just wanted to say it loud. This discussion is relevant, because I would have bought the game already if there was no such requirement.

I don't expect any reply (beside the "Buy better PC" and such).

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I hope you are not a fortune teller because you would be terrible at you job then.

I just checked, the game also supports smaller resolutions (the smallest being 800x600).

That being said, I didn't test the resoultion myself. The requirement could simply state when the performance of the game is the best, in lower resoultions th egame might lag or the graphics might not be displayed correctly or, a common occurence in games like this, the menu might not fit the lower screen size/resolution. It could simply be that the buttons are too big and not everything is displayed.

You just have to trust-buy and see for yourself.

Dominus Arbitrationis:
The minimum resolution requirement is a by-product of the game being made with Unity. Lower resolutions may work, but they aren't supported. The most likely occurrence if you choose a lower resolution is you'll get graphics that aren't displayed correctly, like The Vampire100 said. The graphics were designed with a certain resolution in mind, and anything higher than that makes everything tiny, and anything lower than that makes everything big and ugly (Based off what I know of AI War, I'm assuming its the same for SC).

That being said, I don't currently have a copy to test that theory with, so I can't give you a definitive answer. I have forwarded your question to a developer, who might be able to hop on over and give you more information, but I'd like to think that what I've said sums it up pretty well.

There's a demo here:

One of the purposes of having a demo is so you can test it on your hardware before buying the game.

You should be able to resize the window to whatever, but bear in mind that this game displays a lot of information in tooltips, etc, so you might run into those overlapping each other.


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