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What's with the bacon jokes?

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Most of the barracks units require bacon, which comes from the butcher, who needs pigs from pig farms.  My favorite is a certain swordsman type that needs "bacon and swords" as his two main resources to be produced.

"Just give me bacon and swords man, and I'll go out and get those dirty guys from the next village for you!"

(That's not a line from the game or anything, but that sentiment really cracks Keith and I up.)  ;D

Personally the line from the design doc including "Bacon and Warhammers" is what did it for me.  Though I dunno if Warhammers are still in there.

Oh, yeah -- that's a different unit, but yeah.  Most of the barracks troops need bacon and something else. :)

Maybe one of them could both eat and wield bacon.

Would probably have consistent logistical supply issues.

Holy dev chatchannel!


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