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Weird 2.02 Multiplayer Bug

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Has anybody else noticed this?

During our multiplayer games, during the "combat phase" when all the units are taking turns moving or attacking, we get some *REALLY* weird behavior of the units, as if the game isn't syncing together correctly, or as if the units themselves are extremely confused.

I'm talking about units attacking tiles of the map on which there is nothing on them (or which are already dead, and not to receive a bonus either). Units taking multiple turns during the same phase. Units doing really glitchy movements across the entire map where they "jump" for about 10 spaces then "rubberband" back to their original location and walk a few spaces like a normal turn. Units attacking each other but doing no damage (even though the damage modifiers shouldn't be preventing it).

During these events, there is no weird "Woe era" like human vanity or anything else that would cause that kind of strange movement behavior.

Since yesterday is the first day I ever played multiplayer, I'll just first assume it's not a bug, and instead it's me doing something wrong. Please help.

(I'm in class right now, but if you want me to upload videos/save files in a few hours, I can)

I've confirmed that it doesn't happen in single player, only multiplayer.

Interesting things of note:

My friend that I'm playing with has the first expansion, I don't. We both have the same version.

The "buggy turns" always happen at the end of the "combat phase", so say for the last 25% of "moves". It often consists of characters taking turns after they've already taken a turn.

Sometimes an error shows up in red that "spams" the screen which says "'Creature' is already at the target tile "hill"". Check screenshot for an example.

Here's a more detailed picture of some strange in-game events...

(Taken during multiplayer)

Yes I experience this issue as well, it has been reported to the steam forums. I'm not sure whether the bug is that the units are being given 2 turns, or that the 2nd turn is a repeat of the first one. Depends what the developers were after.

I'm sure they know about it, I think they're just currently swamped with Bionic Dues. I hope they can fix it soon though, it really ruins the enjoyment of Multiplayer for us.


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