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So, we've had several requests from folks willing to translate the game for us into their native languages. We're genuinely touched that so many folks are willing to make the game better and more accessible. Unfortunately, we're unable to provide any official support for this. The reason is simple... our games change too often, and sometimes in substantial ways. There's just no way we could provide the level of support we do if we also had to co-ordinate with translators and make sure they were aware of and fixing everything right along with us.

The other problem that we would have is that many of the text boxes and such are designed around the text they contain, so if the text in a different language is significantly longer, then that can look weird, or be yet another thing we'd have to change.

So, what if someone doesn't care about that and wants to translate the game anyway? Well, if the above doesn't scare you off, and you'd like to translate it anyway, this is possible. The way to do it would be to go to this file in your game directory: \Language\en\a_skyward.xml. In that file, you'll find all the English in-game text.

Your first step should be to back this file up, just in case.

Then, you'll see lines like this:

<ln id="AchievementType_Brokkr">Brokkr</ln>
<ln id="AchievementType_Brokkr_Desc">Place the Brokkr token.</ln>

You can change the parts I've highlighted in red to the language you are trying to translate to. Do NOT change the rest of the line, or the game will throw up errors.

Now, once you've made the changes you want (this will work even if you haven't yet translated everything), put that file into this directory: ...\Language\trans\a_skyward.xml

If you leave it in the first directory, it will get written over every time the game updates, and you will lose all your work.

Anyway, that should be about it, if you have questions, feel free to post them here. And, if you do end up translating the game, feel free to post the file here for others to use. But be warned, if we change the english version of the text after you translate it, the game will NOT reflect those changes, so you'd have to keep up the translating if you want to keep it accurate.

I'd like to collaborate in translating the game into spanish. But I have little-to-none experience in how to manage such a translation project. If other people are in the same situation like me (want to, but do not feel sure how to start) I suggest to allow the creation of a sub-thread for each translation project, so people can search, start or join the interested one, and discuss there a how to, post files for testing purposes etc., instead of having all mixed in the same thread. The general translations thread might be used to post the changes in the text with each update (lines changed, added...), or something to help with the future update translation, at least when devs check that there are projects working.

It does not appear to be any \Language\en\a_skyward.xml in the game directory. Perhaps you meant RuntimeData\Language\en\a_skyward.xml?

You are right
The file to translate is a_skyward.xml
it is in: ...(\Steam\SteamApps\common\)Skyward Collapse\RuntimeData\Language\en
*(...) for Steam users
Then you have to create a new folder called trans
 ...(\Steam\SteamApps\common)\Skyward Collapse\RuntimeData\Language\trans\

copy a_skyward.xml and paste  into \trans, and then you can edit with notepad+ or whatever

I've tried with the starting menu and it works :)
Be aware of special vowels (stress vowels like á did not work for me, probaly ä, à,â, and all that will not too, but it needs more testing) and sometimes with the lenght available too, as dev said, we will have to think in different solutions when little space available (or just not translate if too short)

Note also that not everyone has steam, so it's not always "Steam\SteamApps\common"


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