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Lord Fiddlemeister:
I'm going to give this a shot. Am I allowed to use this in my portfolio? Not sure if it might cause problems so might as well ask.


--- Quote from: zespri on June 01, 2013, 05:12:11 pm ---Note also that not everyone has steam, so it's not always "Steam\SteamApps\common"

--- End quote ---
I edit previous post, I just thinked in that many steam users don't know where are the installed games, thanks :)

@ Lord Fiddlemeister
Idk what do you mean. I just copied the file as said, and did some translations to test. And it works fine. And I'm editing directly in the translation file, so original is untouched.
The main problems I find are the "special" vowels and space available sometimes. Certain sidebar items have a short name form, so space is limited for translating that short name, the same issue in menus, and some achievements. some of them got long names in english, and appear in a single row, idk yet if they can use more rows or not when displaying longer translations...that only in a quick view but I think is perfectly possible to find suitable solutions for each situation

Lord Fiddlemeister:
I...think you meant someone else. Not me :P

Edit: If you meant me, then I guess you misunderstood what I was asking. I was asking if I could translate this and add it to my portfolio. Say I want to work as a English-Dutch translator for a company and in order to get hired, I need to show some of my previous work. Would I be allowed to show the translated game? I have no idea if there are any legal issues with that, so I might as well ask.

Hi, i translate in german. But i have problems with umlauts... ä,ö,ü cannot be viewed in game.

Ohhh i nearly give up... i see with the update of yesterday, the original-file has been modified.

Pity! i have teanslate 70% of text ingame  :-X

Update. Please write innovations at the end of column!
I had search to long in column:<!-- Resources -->

Update2:after the update of yesterday, he ignored my translate file  :'(  that was my mistake...

Update3:Where can I find the text to translate of  Creation Cost etc.

How can I display umlauts?

Here is my translation in German.

Skyward Collapse german / deutsch
Version 1503 its not finished!!!


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