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Hey CC80,

I don't know if it's possible for Arcen games to fix your umlaut (and I guess eszett) problem, but as a general rule, whenever I need to translate stuff into german without the option to use ¨s or ß, a simple solution is to add an e at the end of the non-accented vowel. So ä would be ae, ö oe, ü ue. Eszett can be easily replaced with sz or just ss.

As for the problem with Arcen regularly updating their games and thus messing with translation efforts, you can use a text file comparison tool like this one to compare old files (preferably an untranslated backup) with their new versions. This makes it much easier to spot changes and know what needs to be reworked.

Greetings, I join the request to translate the game in Spanish.

No solution for accent, the letter ñ and dieresis?


Saludos, me uno a la petición de traducir el juego en Español.

¿No hay solución para la acentuación, la letra ñ y la diéresis?


More information on the status of the translation here:

Más información sobre el estado de la traducción aquí:

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