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Hey there.

Is there any chance of getting the broken achievements (Getting to level 10-13), removed from Steam?
I read on the official Steam discussions that the achievements were removed from the game, but they weren't removed from Steam.
So there's no possibility to 100% the game.

Best regards, Luffeh

Hi & Welcome to the Forums :).

I asked the same sometime ago, but unfortunately there is apparently no way for them to do this.
Somebody proposed a solution in the thread here, but i did not try it yet...

I'm sure they can. Lots of developers have removed their broken achievements.
They can both add, edit, and remove them using the Steam dev tool.

Hey Luffeh,

I used to work here, I'm tigersfan from that thread. I was the guy managing the Steam back end that had the achievements and such at that time. Trust me when I tell you, there's actually no way it can be done. The problem is that it USED to be something you could achieve, and at that time, there were some players that achieved it. But the game's design changed such that that achievement was no longer possible. So, what the Steam dev tools won't let you do is take away achievements from players that already earned them, which is what would need to happen here.

Hey Riabi,

It doesn't matter whether users have unlocked it already, or not, if it's broken(removed from the game), you should delete it, instead of ruining everyone's joy of getting 100% achievements in it.
I know instances where users have gotten an achievement, which got broken in later updates, and they did remove them when asked.


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