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i know that i may not:
- modify, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble (except to the extent applicable laws specifically prohibit such restriction)

having said that is there a SDK for the game? or any mod support? this game seems like a SDK would be easy to make for it. and a steam workshop would interest a lot of people, i'd like to try my hand at new tiles, gods, units or factions
i know textures are easy to do, which is cool, i really like games where all its resources are in understandable formats

i just bought the game and i gotta say i love the idea behind it XD, i read the effects of tokens or units and I'm like OMGthatsTHEmostAMAZINGthingEVER "it'll be so easy to win with this unit!!!!", then I'm like ......oh ......wait .....i am going to have to also fight that...... the game is ingenious - nothing can be overpowered in the game cause you have to fight the overpowered factor you brought into the game

Welcome to the forums!  Thanks for the kind words on the game, glad you're enjoying it. :)

The textures and text are indeed in an easy to manage format, but I'm afraid the rest of the game is all compiled into itself and not moddable.  Our games Shattered Haven and Tidalis do have a full level editors, although they are both very different games from Skyward and still aren't baseline moddable in the sense that you mean.



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