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Keybings & Key to add to Steam??


I have the none Steam version of this installed where do i find the key to add the game to Steam so i can get the DLC??

Keybindings. I want to add the UI filters to my keybinds, preferabley to the bottom row of my keybord, Z,X,C ect so i can flip between filter displays far more conveniently than clicking.
Tried to just edit the inputbindings.bak file in the game folder to do this but it does not seem to work.
Throw me a bone :)

It's been a while since I messed with this game, but I think keybindings are available under Options/Controls, or maybe Options/Keys.
Where did you buy the game?  If you got it through Humble, then their website should have a Steam key for you (assuming that the purchase was good for a Steam key).  GOG doesn't do Steam.  Other vendors, you'd have to ask.  If it was a direct-from-Arcen purchase...they might give out keys?  I've never asked.

Yep, it depends on the vendor -- it should be on their site whererever, though, as the only place that sells it without a steam key is GOG.

For the key bindings, you can't add completely new ones to do new UI functions unfortunately.  However, all the keybindings can be edited directly in the game under settings, or else use inputbindings.dat, not .bak (that's the backup version).


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