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Good music except one track...

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Man that track is terrible, and it completely distracts me from the experience.
It sounds like something a cheap wedding musician would play on his cheap keyboard... ugh

Can I delete the track without the game breaking?

I believe they are just .ogg files in a folder somewhere. You can remove the ones you dislike and even add in your own.

Yeah I know where they are.
I deleted it. Time will tell if it breaks something

It won't break anything; you can add or remove tracks to that folder in this game without any issues.

Interesting that you don't like that track; it's not my favorite, but I do like it.  The one that bugs me is Greek Winter, but again it's a matter of taste.  I just adore Follow Me Down, High Noon, and the main theme in particular.

It's a matter of taste what one likes and not. I have a few of the original AI War soundtrack removed (Warp and one other I can't remember the name of). Thankfully, it's easy to "mod" them out this way.


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