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End Game Ideas...
« on: May 30, 2013, 07:59:41 PM »
So far i've seen a few noted end game ideas, and wanted to list them in a separate thread to see what the devs think is workable or useable in the theme/flow/style of the game.

Original ideas from their creators and how they proposed them are found here and much better explain all the details and nuances better than i can.,13234.0.html

                                  RB was proposed by X4000 and Offers a Chess like end game of massive proportions (or not) as the player heeds or ignores the danger signs of a building catastrophe. It involves tracking conditions of game play and works much like the AI War progress meter. It would be really easy to implement and tweak because the under laying code is so familiar to the team.

                                     Was a branch off, or was it alternative, of RB I believe and was a thematic element that added more chaos, but in easy to recognize ways to the player by having Conversational Interactions come up on screen as if from 'THE MASTER' which is referred to in the SC comic. This idea seems to lend a lot of story sense  and perhaps an element of humor to the game, plus it adds more of what the players want... different reactions from the game in response to the way they play.

                                              Was proposed by me and basically looked at using shortages or excesses of elements in the game  such as using only mythologicals, or no mythologicals at all, or only half resources, or having a chance of a unit going bandit the moment you create them. All of these ideas were intended to make each game unique and difficult. With the added option that the player would choose which condition they wanted at the start of the game. I think it could work and provide for different strategies and approaches to the game play.

                                          Was proposed by Pepisolo with additional thoughts by Winge and Chemical_Art and looked at Massive Woes beyond the imagination of what we know now, that last for as much as 10 or so turns and perhaps barely survivable. It looked interesting and edge of your seat kind of stuff, probably definitely fun, providing we can survive it.  :)

All of these ideas of course look to give us something new and different, to control some of the edge-case strategies that make the game not so fun, and to add elements that make for exciting and interesting game play.

There are probably other ideas i have missed, sorry if I have overlooked some, i just wanted to try and consolidate the ideas in one place and maybe see if we could get a consensus on one that fits the game best and has a good chance at keeping the present audience and bringing new players in. Or if it seems out of place for a new mechanic, then perhaps just re-fining the system that is in place is best, that way at least we offer the least chance of alienating those players that are enjoying the game now.

Thanks for listening,

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