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Care to weigh in on potential logo concepts? Vote here!

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We're undergoing a process to choose a logo for Skyward Collapse.  Here are our three top picks so far:

We'd be interested in hearing what most sparks your interest!

My picks in order :)

154) Cerberus ftw :)
166) Has that FF title screen vibe (character silhouette by the title)
182) Just doesn't do it for me

Bear in mind you need to use the actual art numbers for it to be clear -- you're referring to these by the current rank they were in terms of people voting, and that changes. :)

Anyhow, I really like all of these quite a bit, and have been undecided on them.  Other logos are still coming in as well, so the final logo may be none of these three, or might be an altered version of one of these three.  Another 1 day and 18 hours to go before the contest finishes and I have to decide on one.  As a general comment I'm really happy with the quality here, though.

Edited in the numbers above. 

Just throwing general feedback about the titles themselves :)

For the record Chris, my favorite hasn't changed. :)


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