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Care to weigh in on potential logo concepts? Vote here! (Round 4)

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Round 4!

We're undergoing a process to choose a logo for Skyward Collapse.  Here are our current six of our seven frontrunner lines.  A couple of these still need some revision before they could be considered final, and the 7th line needs enough revision that it's not worth showing again at the moment (it was in polls 1 and 2).  Anyway, here's the new poll:

We'd be interested in hearing what most sparks your interest!  Bear in mind that I'll be making my decision independently of the poll -- this isn't design by committee.  However, the comments and ratings have been extremely valuable thus far in refining the concepts of the logos and driving toward something that we'll all generally find pleasing.  And most importantly, that would grab eyeballs on Steam. ;)

#276 and #277 are my favorites this time.  They both seem to be missing something, but they're definitely on the right track.  #268 has fallen a bit in my opinion mainly because of the jut at the S's base.  I'm not crazy about the font, either.  It looks like something from a bad sci-fi/horror flick.  #274 is nice and clean, but seems kind of generic.  #242 seems a bit generic, too, except for Cerberus.  What's he got to do with the game, anyway?

#268 is my favorite concept, and I think could become the best logo with a few changes. #276 is right up there with it, concept-wise.

I know I for one can't wait to play "Skyward Collapes". 

I voted on the last round, and my comments really haven't changed that much (Though I don't get the dog on #242 either.) 
How much of this game is about floating islands, anyway? 

Cerberus is actually a mythological unit that you can have in the game, so he's not just random. :)  But yeah, basically greek and norse mythology and history, so various designers picked various aspects of that.

My favorite three, hands-down, are 277, 276, and 244, in that order.  For the time being.

268 has potential, but the colors and font still aren't right, and it still can't be chosen yet because of not fitting into the steam capsules at 120x45 px with any legibility.  So it can't possibly win without revisions, but all of the others are at least into the "fits into the box" thing so far.

I think all of these here are great, and at one point or another all of them (with the exception of 274) have been my favorites to win.


--- Quote from: Cyprene on April 04, 2013, 04:32:10 pm ---I know I for one can't wait to play "Skyward Collapes". 
--- End quote ---

Thanks! :)

--- Quote from: Cyprene on April 04, 2013, 04:32:10 pm ---How much of this game is about floating islands, anyway?
--- End quote ---

The entire game basically takes place on a floating island that you're constructing piece by piece, and then your little simulated people do their business and fight and such.


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