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Care to weigh in on potential logo concepts? Vote here! (Round 3)

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Round 3!

We're undergoing a process to choose a logo for Skyward Collapse.  Here are our current two top picks, plus three other designs that are not as finished but might have potential with revision:

We'd be interested in hearing what most sparks your interest!

227 gets my top vote on this one.

Yep, 227 came out of nowhere.. with some soft (precise) glow in the same color as the gradient of the Icon around the Icon it would look extremely slick. Not much more to say ,)  I guess one could still argue whether CollapsE should be larger than Skyward.. but if the game's name is Skyward Collapse, I guess there is no way around odd iconography..  both words have same natural length (even pixel perfect length in most fonts..) so it will always be hard to put that anywhere without it looking odd ;p

Although I have no idea what you asked the artists to do so... well whatever, 227 is my fav ;)

217 pales in comparison now, and 229 is just bleh. 230 looks Valley-esque, if you're looking for that sort of thing, and is decidedly better than the somewhat-similar 226. 227 is pretty nice though.

227 came in out of the blue from a new designer this morning, yeah.  There are many things I love about it, but I don't think it's quite usable in its current state.  I wanted to see the overall reaction to this early form of it, and obviously that's polling extremely well.  This was the feedback I left on it for the designer:

--- Quote ---This is extremely well-designed, let me first say. I love the detailing you have in all the different parts of the background floating island -- this is the best I've seen yet by far when it comes to that concept of a floating island profile.

That said, there are a few things holding this back from five stars:

1. The word I'd prefer to emphasize is "skyward" rather than "collapse."

2. When this is reduced to the size of the steam capsules (120x45 px at its smallest), the text of skyward in particular becomes illegible. It needs to be super clear for both words at that scale.

3. The way it sticks up with the castle and down with the hanging rock creates a wonderful design, it's true. I absolutely adore that. However, when used at that small scale I think that's a bit part of the problem here in terms of causing the text to shrink even further and become more illegible. Given that the 120x45 px space is our primary marketing tool on the biggest games store in the Internet, that poses a really big issue for us.

4. The font itself I'm not in love with, either. It's strikes me more as casino/western rather than fantasy/mythology.

5. And lastly, the colors are fairly dark on both the green and golds. I'd like something a bit brighter and more saturated, that looks friendlier.

Other thoughts:

I'm reluctant for you to just chop off the castle or something, because that's so key to the excellent design you have here. And that would still leave the part of the island that hangs down. I am wondering instead about two potential options:

a) Showing this island, scaled-down, to the left of the text in some fashion. This has the drawback of potentially making it feel less unified, though, and also of making it wider and thus potentially not reducing well to 120x45 because of width rather than height.

b) Possibly shifting the text to no longer be inset, but instead to be overlaid more. That has the drawback of potentially being more messy, and of causing the cool emblem plate to simply be obscured anyhow.

So I'm not quite sure where to go from here, but that's why I'm not a designer! Those are the challenges I see for the design, so hopefully that sparks something for you.
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