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Care to weigh in on potential logo concepts? Vote here! (Round 2)

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Round 2!

We're undergoing a process to choose a logo for Skyward Collapse.  Here are our current three top picks, plus one older version of each, plus two designs that are weaker but which contain specific elements I love:

We'd be interested in hearing what most sparks your interest!

#169 is my favorite. I really like the font (although I can't really put my finger on why, it's just more interesting than the others' fonts) and the glowing effect is really cool.

#169 got my vote this round too.
Warning: Opinion incoming :p
To me it is simplistic.  Cut some of the flair on the lettering (don't think every letter needs exaggerated flairs).

154 still my second vote followed by 198.  Sword K just doesn't rate that highly in 198 though :)

#169 was my least favorite.  The font is too hard to read, and at first glance, I thought it was another language.  I like #182 followed closely by #196.  They seem to be very clean and neat.  Very professional looking.

Same here, 182 and 196 are both professional looking and are to me the most attractive ones. Of course on could argue a bit about colors, but besides that.. perfection ;) THe others I dislike in several ranges of dislike, #169 looks WAY too glowy, not professional enough as a "Logo" to use photoshop + outer glow in that heavy quantity ,) Funnily, I dislike 169 the most... but yeah.. tastes... ;p


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