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Care to weigh in on potential logo concepts? Vote here! (Final Round) EDIT: Fin!

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UPDATE: All finished!  Final logo selection is attached.

Round 5, final round!

We're undergoing a process to choose a logo for Skyward Collapse.  Here are the two frontrunners that it is now down to.  The #285 is final, but the other is still evolving.  The details there will sort themselves out I'm confident, and I'm leaning that way based on the amazing colors and so on.  Some things would definitely need to change in the details of it, though.  Anyway, here's the new poll:

Bear in mind that I'll be making my decision independently of the poll -- this isn't design by committee.  However, the comments and ratings have been extremely valuable thus far in refining the concepts of the logos and driving toward something that we'll all generally find pleasing.  And most importantly, that would grab eyeballs on Steam. ;)  More even than personal preference on my part, that's what I'm going by -- how eye-catching does this look at small scale?

#285 looks a bit more like a bejeweled diamond at the steam capsule size, which strikes me as not a good thing at all.  I love the design of it, though.  The others look more like a batman logo when small, and the details are still coming along.  That plus the more vibrant contrast strikes me as a lot stronger.  This has surged ahead in just the last half an hour, for me.

Hate to be a downer, but none.

All of the #285 picture are awesome. I would accept any one of those variations.


--- Quote from: chemical_art on April 05, 2013, 10:00:01 am ---Hate to be a downer, but none.

--- End quote ---

In the sense of none of the options on display?  That's not really an option for us, as we're committed to picking one of them (out of the 326 entries that we've had, anyhow -- not one of these three specifically).

--- Quote from: Wingflier on April 05, 2013, 10:00:35 am ---All of the #285 picture are awesome. I would accept any one of those variations.

--- End quote ---

Can I ask what it is that you find so amateurish about the other one?  Just so that I understand what you mean, because you keep reporting that.  I don't mean that antagonistically at all, I'm just trying to see it from your perspective.

I get what you're saying about #285 looking like a bejeweled daimond when small.  That certainly isn't an impression I'd like to give, but I don't know if I would have recognized it if you hadn't pointed it out.  #324 looks great, but the border is much too haphazard in my opinion.  The trees on top are a nice touch, though.

I don't' know which one I'd go with if I were you.  They both have significant pros and cons.  Maybe the final version of #324 will clarify things.


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