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Back for more chaos


I was recently reminded that I actually own this superb game and of how much I love playing it. Of course, updating from 1.013(I think?) to 2.500 was quite a shock. So much has changed! I raised the difficulty and woes to hard level this time so I could see even more chaos happen, but despite a Labyrinth played early game, an elven war midgame and an Yggdrasil themed finale, things went pretty smoothly for me all the way through. The chaos was pretty constant toward the end, so the score ended up a bit crazy.

Such a fun game. And I don't even have the expansion yet (which looks pretty sweet).
But that reminds me I also have AI War... (From version 6.010 to 8.023, gasp!)

So many awesome games to play. Thanks for that, Arcen. :)

It's good to see I'm not the only one who loves playing this game. :D

I so hoped there would have been further expansions, but you should definitely get the expansion it is well worth it. You'll find the Japanese faction creates an interesting dynamic against the other factions.


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