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Window size on Linux

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I have a minor problem with Skyward Collapse on Ubuntu 14.04.

In the graphics settings, the "window size" option is completely ignored. It also does not seem possible to resize the window (although the maximize icon appears and the mouse pointer changes when you go to the window borders).

In full screen mode, it appears that the graphics are simply scaled up to the screen size. This makes the text blurry, and there was an occasion when the info window about a god did not fit the screen (because the text is upscaled without maintaining the correct aspect ratio).

The steam overlay appears in the correct resolution so I'm pretty sure the screen is using the full resolution (1920*1200).

Any ideas?

Thanks, sorry about that!  Fix is coming in the next version, which will be out in an hour or so.

That's great, thank you!

My pleasure!  That release is now out. :)

If you want to get it quickly, restart steam to force the update.

Works nicely, thanks again.


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