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Two installs on PC: One works and another doesn't


I got skyward collapse installed from gamersgate on my PC for a while and it work flawless. I test it today with all beta patch installed and it still work fine.

When I installed skyward collapse the game crash with "Collapse.exe has stopped working". The GameInit window shows 1.013 GUI on the top left. I am quite puzzled that two same game would not work with one exe but does with the other.

Edit: Forget to mention it will usually count from 1 to 8 then start up. It stops and die at "GameInit - 3".

Nevermind. It seem to download an "old" version that doesn't work with steam despite downloading it today. So I had to restart steam.

Cheers -- there was actually a change in Steam's beta program that caused all of our games to stop working for the last few days.  But it did not affect the non-beta Steam client, and Valve just pushed out a fix for even their beta branch this afternoon.  All should be well now!


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