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Tutorial doesn't work


Hi, I haven't played for a while, so decided to try out the game again...

I started a new game, and selected tutorial difficulty.
Once I get into the game nothing happens, it appears to be in sandbox mode.  I mean I can do stuff, but there's no tutorial welcome message, and the 'reread instructions' popup says I'm supposed to be in combat or something.  Also, the tutorial stage is called 'survive the first turn'.

  It sounds from the popup message that there's supposed to be 2 gods on the field..I'm guessing there's a bug somewhere?  Starting a new game does the same thing.  I'm on the latest beta version 1.502 on steam.

Yikes, I broke that in the prior beta version!  Thanks for the tip, I'll have that fixed in the next beta version.  That's one of the casualties of majorly changing up how sandbox mode, etc, work.  Sorry about that!


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