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Music for Nihon no Mura don't play in game.


I've yet to hear the music from the expansion in the game itself.

Is their something  that I need to do to hear them. I've the latest version off steam and playing it on a mac, so I'm wondering if its on an issue when running it on a mac?

FYI I check the expansion folder and the music files do exist and the ogg files are playable outside the game.

Any ideas what's up?

Sorry about that, there was a bug in the current versions that causes that.  2.003 will be out shortly and will fix that!

That's ok. I knew you'd either be pretty much onto it, but I wasn't sure it wasn't something of my own environment as no one seem to be talking about it now. All good. :)

So when you going to put out another expansion for it? :D

Can't tell you how much I'm loving this game, so I'm blaming you for my early hour  sessions. Sleep's for the dead they say. :P

The patch is out now. :)

Glad you're enjoying it!  Though taking breaks is good too. ;)  Right now we are thinking an expansion in Q1 or Q2 of next year, but we'll see how it works out in practice. :)


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