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Linux Music is only Static


I bought the game on Steam a while back and installed it on my Gentoo partition.  I started playing earlier today and found that I'll hear a static sound fade in and out.  Disabling the music makes the static stop, making me think that  there's a problem playing the music for some reason.  Any ideas/suggestions for troubleshooting this?  A quick online search didn't find anyone (on Linux or otherwise) with this problem with the game, making me think it's a configuration problem on my machine.

Unfortunately I'm not really sure -- Unity 3D, the engine we use, doesn't officially support anything except for Ubuntu.  I don't know what differences there might be with Gentoo, and I suspect the problem might be in there.

In the very worst case, you can use WINE to run the windows version of the game should-be-flawlessly on your Gentoo installation.  My guess would be there's some sort of sound driver issue or possibly some other middle-layer compatibility issue, but I am not familiar with that linux flavor.

I wish I could be of more help!  If there's anything you have that you think might provide some clues, I can definitely take a look.


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