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Fatal error during tutorial

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Right, that's all I meant was less.  There have certainly been plenty of nvidia problems over the last four years, just nothing in the last one or two that has interacted with any of our stuff poorly.

I haven't started it up again since the error, you can find the output_log.txt attached.

I plan on upgrading to the new Nvidia drivers (320.18), so if it doesn't happen again I'd guess it is driver related.

Thanks for that -- hmm, nothing of note in there except this one message line:

--- Quote ---Your 64 bit Windows installation is missing an imporant service pack patch. Please apply to ensure stability.
--- End quote ---

I can't speak to that, as that's a message from the underlying unity engine, not us.  But that may well explain what's up with their engine throwing an odd error on your machine.  But given that you are on windows 8, it may well not be an accurate message (that hotfix only seems to apply to win7 and back).

I still would do a verification of the local files on steam -- it doesn't take long, and often it fixes funky issues.  It's not that it would have corrupted an image to the point that would cause this, it's that sometimes it corrupts bits and pieces of the unity runtime such that it does odd things.  We've seen it before on other games of ours, and a simply verification of the local files through the steam client always has fixed those.  They were different error messages than this one, though, so I don't know if it's driver or corrupt download or both.


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