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I have a crash when the the Woe occurs that changes all the tiles randomly to something else-

I get a process assertion failure with a bunch of code appearing on the top right of the screen and in the lower left that says "Players Finishing the turn: not sure who, but somebody"

Which is rather puzzling.

I did save the game after this occurred if you want to see it. What is interesting there in no blue or red interface on the left to do the turns.

Occurred with ver 1.053


Hmmm, tricky -- can you post your error files from the RuntimeData folder?  The save might be helpful if the Woe is still active (not sure which woe you are referring to, if this is something that is happening constantly or just one-off).  Was this collapse or flood perhaps?

Collapse actually. Tho I did reload and it happened again.

I will forward what I have.

Okay, great -- thanks!  By the way, you can attach files directly to the forums, you don't need to email.  But I did see your file, and will get it in the morning!

Thanks Chris!




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