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Commands to kill gods not working - 1.007


Hey guys,

Bought the game off steam yesterday, and the commands to kill gods isn't working. When I command a faction to kill an enemy god, their units simply surround the god but they do not attack it. I tried it twice, once during an easy playthrough of the game, and I reproduced the same bug in sandbox mode.

I hope this forum is the right place to report, I couldn't find a send bug report link in the game itself. Looking through the patch notes, it seems that the 1.006 'Listen When I Command!' patch didn't work, or the 1.007 patch broke the fix.

Looking forward to hearing about a potential fix soon - Pan's imba 50% production rate on the opposing factions is driving me mad!


2 small things:
1. Report the issue on mantis tracker.
2. Attach a save with the commandment bugging out (just placed would be best) - it will make it much more easier to debug.

Done. Thanks for your help!

Got this in 1.008, thanks!


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