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Building resource dependency list


Second version now uploaded. I have included all the building names and moved some of the icons around to increase clarity.

- The general food section on the left, dependent on wood.
- The weapons section along the top, dependent on wood and iron (iron itself builds offon stone).
- The luxuries section along the bottom and bottom right. Based on clay->potter->seer progression, diamond->jeweller progression, and moonstone -> sunstone progression, which are generally more complex.

The pdf is in the spirit of old boxed PC games where they give you a convenient tech tree sheet to work with. If you have any particular feedback on visibility and usability, that would be appreciated.

- Delineate resource categories. Core resources (logs, rocks, possibly iron and clay ) / Mount and Mead / Weapons / Luxuries

This is pretty neat, actually.   I've seen a similar thing lately, which was for Anno 2070, and I found that very helpful in keeping track of the complicated resource production trees in that game, so something like this might be quite helpful for some players with this game.

Could definitely do with labels.

Pretty much all the RTSes had these things in their heyday, and before that were also keyboard shortcut lists. One of my first heli-sims had a cardboard that you can place over your keyboard! Didn't use it but - I was a bit too young to appreciate realism.


--- Quote from: zharmad on May 24, 2013, 02:55:28 pm ---One of my first heli-sims had a cardboard that you can place over your keyboard!

--- End quote ---

Seems like a lot of TI-99/4A did the same thing.  Or was that C64?

Anyway, great job on the resource chart.  Since it's a holiday weekend here at work and most folks have left already, I think I might "borrow" the plotter for a jumbo size wall poster for my office.   ;D


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