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During alpha, this is for narratives of your experience.

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These narratives can be for entertainment, if you want to entertain other players or those not in the alpha (be our guest on that). 

Or they are narratives of what happened during an alpha playthrough where you are chronicling your experiences for the Arcen staff to read and consider in terms of making the flow better.  If  it's this sort of thing, please preface it with ALPHA-FEEDBACK.  Mostly we'd prefer mantis issues, however.

Entertain? More like torture...

Speaking of torture, waiting for the list of alpha testers is one of the most tortuously suspenseful experiences I've undergone in a while.

Sorry about that. ;)

So this be the tavern.  Looks to be a fine place for drink and tale.  Someone fetch a bard...

(This is the AAR forum for Skyward, yes?)

Oh, just noticed: I think it's "Skyward", not "Skyard"


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