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During alpha, this is for narratives of your experience.

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Ghehe, I will try to record my first experiences. Would be funny for the sake of criticism(With my horrible Dutch accent and the fact that I have zero experience with it. Besides the idea of being a complete *cough* noob *cough* would most definitely help.

Fixed the spelling, and made it LPs/AARs.


I can definitely see this being an "easy to play, hard to master game."  The interface is very good, especially considering the game is still in Alpha.  The only place I feel lost is in the long-term strategy--much like when I first played AI War--but I'm starting to figure my way out there.  It also has that "one more turn" feeling you get from other turn-based games like the Civilization series.  I think I'll have to try this on my laptop later, and see how a very weak computer handles it.  Might catch a few UI bugs at lower resolutions as well  ;)

One last note:  two units with Nemean Lion attacking each other = hilarious.

Sweet stuff, thanks very much!

I'll have to fix the Nemean Lion thing for sure. :)


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