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So far so good!  Aside from a few minor annoyances and one showstopping bug (that got squashed quickly), I'm having a blast figuring out how to play.

So far I've played 4 games with 1 victory (that maybe shouldn't have been one).  I've tried to keep a balanced build between the two sides, and that seems to hold out fairly well.  I'm enjoying Skyward.

As to the game I won,  somehow I messed up and couldn't get materials in to build military units fast enough.  Both factions got turned into bandit towns.  I had demis on the field and they made sure each side controlled at least one tile.  I think that if you lose all your town centers and don't have the resources to build a new one, then the game should be over.  I didn't really "survive" to the end.

Stuff like this

makes me rather a

There has been a chappy sitting on that barracks for at least 6 turns now.

That incoming Norse infantry will solve that problem ;)


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