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[Alpha Feedback] Unit production confusion


First a check of my understanding:
If there is enough resources in town each of the unit producing buildings should build a unit.

Two cities for red prepared. Each contains barracks and set of buildings required for unit production.
One city for blue prepared. Two barracks in it and buildings required for production.

Why during first turns red managed to produce 6 units and blue only 2 ?

Unit production buildings can't produce when a unit is standing on them, so that might have been bad luck.  If a chapman decided to stand on the blue barracks, then that would miss a turn.

It also could have been that you didn't have quite enough resources in the blue town or something.  There's definitely nothing that should prevent multiple barracks in one town from building presuming the resources are there.  If you see something like that, definitely mantis it...

Yeah I had some confusion on this issue too. Perhaps prevent chapmen from standing on the square, or do what Civ does and allow one civilian and one military per square. Also are all the unit production times one?

Interesting suggestion on one military and one civilian, might be good to go in mantis.  In terms of the unit production times, yes the are one presuming you have the resources.


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