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[Alpha Feedback] Small notes.

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1) Id like there to be a bit more of a noticeable alert when you change between Red and Blue sides.

2) If I have excessive chapmen, I get 4-6 (didn't count) errors saying that unit is already at target tile, every turn, for each chapmen who has nothing to do.

1 is handled in 0.801, which just came out.

For #2, if you have a save that would be great.  Also, issues like this really belong in mantis or we won't see them and keep track of them very well.

My super massive evil frost giant with 2000health has... 40 attack?

Mantis.  There are tons of units, and we did a giant rebalance pass shortly before release here.  Some of the units missed getting their spreadsheet values transferred over, or just didn't get a pass at all.

In this case, I fixed this one, though, without it needing to go to mantis.

I just mantised the Frost Giant. I wanted him to save my poor Norse.... but that plan won't work.

Also.. please take a look at siege towers. It's not a bug per se but they might have to much attack. 4 range and 533 damage means lots of casualties. These are lvl 2 towers.


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