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[alpha feedback] Cyborg review
« on: May 04, 2013, 02:48:58 pm »
Well then. Three hours and three games later, my thoughts.

Things that are fun:
When combat conflicts occur.
Floating text showing good things are happening
When gods and godly things appear.
Creating hubs

Things that are not fun:
Dependency trees. So the woodcutter (like everyone else, I was looking for the word woodcutter which doesn't exist), leads to second row buildings, leads to third row buildings. Except that each row has specific amounts for one building in the third row. And some of them have requirements on how far away from a town hall. Kind of irritating, especially when at the end of the game I have a ton of resource tiles and looks like my barracks are not producing for unknown reasons. I also think that having to build butchers around every barracks, along with a blacksmith, and every other dependency is kind of tedious. It would be more fun if this dependency tree was clearer through a resource sidebar that is always on, graphics on the board itself showing an incomplete barracks, or what's going on because by the time I got a barracks to do anything, crime already overran the place, and I lost it.

Losing to bandits and not being able to get the buildings back. Is that a bug? Are bandits sort of like a third faction that are using the same buildings and resources to build things or do they get to build things for free?

Not being able to see the net income of all the resources. Actually, resource management in general is the great challenge so far because you can't tell how much you need, incoming and outgoing, and why certain buildings are sitting idle when you know you just built 10 ranches five turns ago.

Chapman pathing is not clear. There is a range to them, but I'm not sure what that range is. I have seen them go wandering across the map, which is probably a defect. Same question for the trader.

Not being able to play a certain way because I'm not high enough level, so the buildings are not unlocked. I think unlocks are okay, but not if they prevent you from playing the game.

Completing the game gives you a score, but there's no way to judge whether it's good or bad. I think I played a fairly terrible 40 turn game last night, got 800,000 points… played a much better game this morning, got maybe 80,000? Last night I found a point of stasis between the two factions and just ended my turn repeatedly, which allowed me to win the game without any difficulty, all while I seem to be getting points hand over fist. It was awesome, but clearly an exploit.

Need an interface button for the menu.

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Re: [alpha feedback] Cyborg review
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2013, 11:19:50 am »
Scores are meaningless right now. They are placeholder at the moment.


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