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[ALPHA-FEEDBACK] First Time Play


So I decided to keep a log here of my first time playing. So let's see. Starting up...
:o forgot that there is new music for a new game. More vocal music yay!

Hit Start New Game, hmm options. Well keep edicts to tutorial only. Map stays at Ganan Fields since it says that is easy. In fact, lets keep everything at defaults except the background since that is cosmetic only.

Hmm, 5 setup turns huh? With everything free? Nice.

Round 0 Turn -4Let's see. Red Norse first. I build a barracks. 4 unit types produced, I'll go for the ones that use bacon and swords. The lighter but faster one takes more bacon, but the stronger and slower one takes a water flask. So I obviously get a pig farm and a butcher for my other 2 actions for the turn.

Blue Greek. I think I will go for myth units. Should be interesting I think. They all require massive amounts of rice so I will get some rice fields. 3 to be precise.

Round 0 Turn -3Oh look another tooltip. Relax and just have fun? Sounds like my idea of a good strategy!

Back to red, I have the food for my soldiers, but now I need to equip them. So an iron mine and a smithy would be best I think. Oh, it looks like the well I need for the water flasks for the heavier swordsmen needs me to level up my profile. So I can't use them this game. That's fine. A note that the resource cannot be gotten would be nice though. I get a fishery for my last action. Since fish are needed for chapmen.

Blue time again! I get a seer for incense, which is apparently needed for all myths again. Although in much lower numbers than rice. I think the myth unit I will aim for at first will be the chimera. They need, jewelry? Odd. Well jewelry needs iron and diamonds so I'll build the appropriate mines for those to end this turn.

Round 0 Turn -2A note about crime. Crime goes up unless we enlist the criminals into soldiers? Nice. I guess that means I need to get a barracks for blue soon.

Red: I have the everything set up to build marauders now, except for the chapmen. I'll build one. What else? It seems most resource production tiles cost logs, and town buildings will cost lumber and stone. So a woodcutter and rock quarry are my other actions for the turn.

Blue: I'll get that jeweler first. Then a barracks. Looks like I need some more bacon! So a pig farm ends this turn,

Round 0 Turn -1A final note from the tutorial. Not anything in here I haven't done already so it goes away.

Red: The unit I am planning on blue to make is a cavalry unit. The chimera is also a cavalry unit so I should set up red here to get the basic pikeman unit too I think. I need a carpenter and a smelter to get the resources needed for the steel and battle axe required so that is the first two actions. A stone mason so I can build more buildings later finishes up red's turn.

Blue: A butcher for the bacon and a ranch for horses are all I need for my horsemen here. A chapman for resource transportation ends the turn.

Round 0 Turn 0A true final note from the tutorial. My people have free will? Blasphemy!

Red: I build a second barracks for keeping the potential incoming myths away better. Another chapman for better economy and I guess a third barracks. I get the feeling red may win this. We'll see.

Blue: A woodcutter and a rock quarry and a stone mason for future construction.

Round 1 Turn 1A note on round one starting pops up. Stuff costs resources now. Yay.... Oh and it says something about genocide being bad. That goes against my video game philosophy so I kinda blanked that part out though.  ;D

Red: We seem to be in a pretty decent state so far. I think I will work towards a school for these guys. They might need the better units. Or they might kill the blues off. It will be entertaining to send burly Norsemen to school either way. I need pottery for this though so I build a clay pit and a potter. I think another chapman will end the turn nicely. Unless myths are really really really strong these guys are so gonna destroy blue....

Blue: Horses seem to produce really slowly so another ranch will be helpful. Except I need a carpenter first. Guess I forgot I needed one of those. Now I can get another ranch. I finish up with a second chapman.

Round 1 Turn 2Watch the chapmen move around! Oh and some random tiles come flying up from nowhere. Not really important.

Red: All three solders are huscarls. Anti cavalry ftw! Another fishery for chapmen and two more chapmen end this turn.

Blue: These guys are pretty much doomed it looks like. Oh well. Better luck next time. An archery range might help so I build one. I also build a sheep farm for the mutton. And another rice field for myths later.

I think I will stop here for now. It seems like things are shaping up for the Norse to win. When I start posting again I think I will drop the turn by turn stuff and move to more generalities. This will also let me update the game.

I haven't read this yet (waiting to finish my first round), but I must commend you on how organized your post is.  This is something I could barely aspire to!


I am now on turn 21. Blue has surprisingly not died yet. I eventually was able to get a chimera out and it was able to get all the way from blue's village to red's village, slaughtering everything along the way and parked on one of the barracks killing everything coming out until red rallied and killed it.

I got red a school. Big mistake. Level 2 units are massively more powerful than level one units. Almost all of blue's chapmen were killed. But I was able to get enough archery ranges up to drive red off.

I have started on second villages for each side. Red's second village is dedicated to archers, and blue's to horsemen.

The battle is now around even. Blue has the spare rice to get another chimera but has hardly any chapmen left and will need to rebuild.

I have certainly learned that basic wood and stone producers are very important. I should have gotten many more early game. Nearly killed blue from being unable to build more archery ranges.

Well game over. Blue somehow came from behind to get about a million archers and cavalry. Red kinda just rolled over and died even when I stopped doing anything for blue at all. I didn't help by giving a level 4 cavalry adamantine. The massive bandits were scary though.

I spent more than 20 turns trying to save my Norse.
Unit I gave adamantine is on other side but I closed it up with mountains.... ;)

It did not help that Norse god died quickly while Hera spawned next to Norse city and quite quickly purged everything around.

But with quite... large abuse of mountains and repair of Norse economy (I think that was the reason of initial failure) I managed to prevent the genocide for now.


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