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Alpha Feedback
« on: May 03, 2013, 10:49:55 pm »
I played until I got a "Fatal Error" (I'll attach the error file to a Mantis entry).

I didn't have that much trouble figuring out how stuff worked and the tooltips were pretty helpful for the most part.

It feels like the player might need a bit more information though, mainly what has already been built and how many resources total each side has. Fortunately, there seems to already be a Mantis for the former.
(heh, resources are shown at Town Center, I must have missed that somehow  :P  )

I did notice something rather interesting.
It is possible to build a faction's buildings at the opposite faction's town. This results in most of or at least a good portion of the opposing faction's units to turn back to kill it and can work as a way to temporarily "hold" units in town until the building is destroyed or you smite it.

It doesn't really seem like a problem or anything unbalancing yet, but I haven't played far enough to what affect it might have mid or late game.

I also ran into an amusing situation where one of the Greek "archers" (whatever they're called) found his way behind a few mountains and started picking off people in the Norse town. The Norse weren't doing anything about it and he was causing quite a bit of trouble, so I tried plopping down mountains to block his line of sight. It delayed him a bit but not by much.  :P
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