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With Valley 2 Going Out to About December 1, Anything New On Shattered Haven?

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Just thought I'd ask, the news for Valley 2 bodes well, in my opinion, a more polished first time experience as Chris and I think LaughingThesaurus said as well. I agree, I think it can only be a good thing for V2.  :)

So, any news for SH? Perhaps a bit of gameplay vid?

Then again, the have everything ready and polished before seeing too much of it with V2, might be the best way to go with SH too.
I mean, I 'want' to see something, but if it meant people picking it apart and saying i like this, but not that, then i'd rather have you all keep it under wraps and test it and polish it close to home and perhaps with small test groups who are going to give you good honest reviews on what they think before releasing to public.

Releasing to public too early and getting shot in the foot for it, was maybe what did AVWW1 in.
Anyway, do what you feel best, as a matter of fact, I'm thinking i shouldn't ask for a vid now for just those reasons noted. So forget I asked, just know that my interest in SH is still high and i'm hoping, and of course, one of these days i'll get a chance to play it.  So that has to be good enough.


edit:  Ooops!  Sorry for the mistake, about Shattered Haven, that i called Shattered Horizon... maybe you can make an expansion next year and call it that?  :)   Just kidding.



Shattered Haven, not Shattered Horizon. ;)

Shattered Haven is progressing, although more slowly since so much time is being devoted to Valley2 at the moment.  I'm expecting a SH release in January or February unless something drastic happens.

Hey Chris, I assume you must have been extremely busy as of late with the Valley 2 beta release and getting ready for 1.0.
But I was just wondering if you have had any chance to work on Shattered Haven the last couple months. I assume it has had to take a bit of a back seat with
all the work on Valley 2, but was wondering if you had any kind of status updates to share? Or will that be coming after Valley 2 hits 1.0? :P


Oh and happy new year! Hope its a good one for you guys ^_^


Happy New Year!

In terms of Shattered Haven, personally I've not been able to do too much on it.  However, about 20 hours of staff hours per week have been going into the game since August or so, and thus there's definitely been a lot of progress.  Now that Valley 2 is to the beta stage, I will likely be spending about a day or a half day each week working on Shattered Haven.

good to hear!   


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