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So I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get through the Abandoned Farm level.  Not that I can't beat all the Greys - I literally physically can't make it through the level.  There is a metal box of some sort blocking my progress, and I can't destroy it.  I feel like I need a Sledgehammer, but I searched the whole forest and no such weapon is evident except in the portal levels.

You can knock out windows with the axe -- then you can easily get to the other part of the level.  Is that what you were missing?

Well, I was able to knock out the windows, but that's what was confusing me.  The windows didn't seem to ~lead~ any... waitaminute.  Are you saying there's an area transition right on top of the windows where the broken glass makes it hard to see?  >.>  ~goes to check~

EDIT: No, that's not it...  To clarify: in the house to the right of the two landmines with an axe between them, about level with the two pairs of windows there is a refrigerator and a metal box that seem to block access to the rest of the house.  Breaking the north windows doesn't lead anywhere (and even if it did it would just be to that little zombie pen with the well) and breaking the south windows also doesn't seem to lead anywhere.

You can chop down the drawer leading to the greys in the right-hand room.  Might want to get ready to run  ;)

I feel like I am looking at a different version of the level than everyone else.  I can see that the drawer is chopable, but I can't get past the metal box to chop the drawer.

I have attached my save file, in case I really ~AM~ looking at a different version of the level some how.  xD


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