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Stuck in Phoenix Forest

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Note that savegames don't have the level info in there like valley 2 does or whatever. There's no reason to since this isn't procedural. Can you post a screenshot?

Also, are you playing the steam version? Is the version you are playing one that started as the alpha? Even if this started as the alpha it shouldn't matter because every last level was updated in the 1.0 patch. So... Color me confused how yours could be different.

Screenshot is f12, then look in runtimedata/screenshots.

Here's a screenshot with me standing next to the offending box.

I have the Steam version of the game; the main menu claims to be 1.003, but I've never manually updated it so I assume Steam is doing it's automatic update thing.  The first version I played was 1.001, but it updated to 1.003 before I left the tutorial.

I'm pretty sure that chest wasn't there in my game.  :o

Uhhh... yeah.  Where the heck did that come from!  :o

I can confirm it is in the latest version of the game, and I've just fixed that.  Will push it out in just a short while.  That is... supremely odd.  I'm not sure where that came from. ???

Weird. I just started a fresh game using 1.003 and I have a bunch of money in the location of the chest on the screenshot posted above (i.e. I could continue). Wasn't there an issue with collectibles hiding in foreground objects in an earlier version?


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