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Soundtrack Previews For Shattered Haven And Ancient Shadows

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Pablo Vega has made some of my favorite Video Game soundtracks ever, whenever a new Expansion or Game comes out from Arcen one of my main interest points is the new music.  :D

Thanks everyone! Glad you're enjoying the music!

Let's see, I enjoyed the Ai War soundtrack. I liked a single song from the Zenith soundtrack. Neinzul soundtrack is my least favorite of the Arcen soundtracks. Light of the Spire was quite good overall. AVWW has a good soundtrack. Tidalis also has a great soundtrack. And now these two new ones are coming out. I can't wait! Because even the ones I consider merely good are better than most other games.

I definately just noticed the new song on his soundcloud, and figured Id come here on the off chance it wasnt mentioned yet. Surely, in the 6 hours its been up, it wasnt immediately posted about.. right..

Apparently no such luck today - But an amazing piece, cant wait to hear it in the proper context, ingame

I really like the new music.  :)  Very cool!  Forgive me for not caring for the 8-bit tunes as much,  but this is a return to wonderfulness!



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