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I've mentioned a couple of places now that I'm working on "another project."  Shattered Haven is that project.

This project is already extremely far along, because savvy Arcen lore-fiends will recognize that this is a revival of my old Alden Ridge project under a new name and with a ton of revisions (including 100% new art from the ground up thanks to Heavy Cat studios).  It's been a project that has been on hold since 2008, before I even started working on AI War or thought about founding Arcen.  I'm extremely excited to be able to finally come back to it and to finish it with all that we at Arcen have learned since I was last working on it.

For now that's all I'll say about it, but now I can at least refer to it by name.  We should have many more details for you within about a month, and we're currently hoping to have it to the preorder/beta phase by mid September.

Now you know what I'm working on, at any rate!

Walter Sullivan:
Awesome! Since I'm a "new member" here and haven't ever heard about of this old Alden Ridge project of yours, I've googled it and found the rock paper shotgun 2010 article about it.

"A top-down project that Arcen peg as “A game of survival”, it’ll see you completing objectives in areas filled with ravenous zombies that are immune to conventional weaponry, meaning it’s up to you to dispatch them using all the random bits and pieces in the environment."

I don't know if the idea of the game is still the same, but if it's anything along this lines, I'm sure I'm gonna love it  :D

Are you planning to go more along the lines that DayZ has pioneered in the zombie survival genre which can best be described as more visceral, realistic, and emergent than previous games of the genre?

Very excited, although I kinda liked calling it "The Project That Shall Not Be Named"


--- Quote from: Hearteater on August 01, 2012, 10:46:58 pm ---Very excited, although I kinda liked calling it "The Project That Shall Not Be Named"

--- End quote ---

Well, we're a fan of acronyms around here, and SH is a lot faster to type than TPTSNBN, so we changed it. :)


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