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Not able to update GOG patched version



I just bought the game and I downloaded both the patch and the game, install it (after patch it is 1.004). Enable auto-update and restart the game but no update takes place, the game doesnt seem to connect to the internet. I tried it on 3 different computers (2 x Win 7 64 and 1 win 8.1 32) none of them worked (using a wireless lan..). It almost look it is an ISP problem or that the game fails to find the internet port..

Any suggestion? or any repository for updates?

Hi there,

The updates only take place if you actually initiate them -- it doesn't do anything without your permission.  If you click the big play button, then at the top of that menu you should see a thing saying what updates there are and allowing you to upgrade.


Ok that fixes it! Try to start a a new game to see the update. Feel a bit dumb about that, but on my defense its not very intuitive location (especially if your not trying to play the game like I was..)
Hope this tread can help other retards like me! :)

No problem, and not having it as a top-level button definitely is a little bit obscure, sorry about that!


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