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Disclaimers: I love Arcen games and buy everything you guys do. I will still love you after this. I am super grateful that you guys are making Linux versions at all. I realize SH is low priority, since it isn't a big money-maker. Also, maybe I just got unlucky and it's not really that bad.

All of that said, the Linux version of SH seems unacceptably buggy. This was my first time playing SH and within an hour of starting, I had two very serious bugs that made me restart the level and in one case the game (on Mantis: and Two unrelated and serious bugs within one hour's gameplay is really unacceptable and unprofessional in a commercially published game that isn't in alpha/beta.

Wow, those are really unlikely bugs. ;)

In all seriousness, the likelihood of the first thing happening is extremely low (winning and dying at the same time).  I doubt it's related to the linux version, but nobody has run into that yet (or at least not reported it yet).

In terms of clipping into the door, if you have a way to repro that, that would be appreciated.  You definitely are right that that shouldn't happen, but I can't duplicate it based on your description, and nobody else has reported anything similar, either.

Restarting the game or levels is indeed frustrating, but the odds of you running into two of these kinds of bugs is really low; each one individually is really unlikely enough on its own.

Fair enough. No, I haven't managed to reproduce it.  ;)

Cheers. :)


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