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"Hot Air, Deep Woods" and balloons not working?


Shakura Jolithion:
Minor Spoilers ahead:
I 'beat' the game once (despite the game saying I needed 3 papers to do so... but I guess that has to do with endings or something ;)) and I'm going through on NG+, and I've gotten to a level called "Hot Air, Deep Woods". This is the first time I've used the hot air balloon, and the description in the encyclopedia says it will fly over anything... however, in this level it won't fly over anything except places I can walk to begin with and holes in the ground. I can't fly over the two gravestones in the bottom right, anything I can chop down with an axe, any of the bushes I can remove with a scythe, or any of the trees that I can't burn. Is this a glitch with the balloon, or am I missing something here? Any help would be appreciated, I'm stuck and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong (if it's me), since I've killed all the greys and chopped down everything I can get to... there's flammable trees out of reach, as well as some extra spears, and a few bats left around... I've tried this level twice and am pretty sure either I'm doing something very not-obviously wrong or there's a glitch with the hot air balloon.

Also, I've noticed that if you're running when you enter the hot air balloon, it'll launch with some good momentum before slowing to its normal speed... not sure if that's a feature or a glitch, but it is very fun :)

Edit: Spoiler: This is the bonus level in the mine beyond the yellow door.
Edit again: Tried 4 times now, tried going back to over world... Either I'm missing something or the balloon isn't working right...

Sorry about this!  New version will be out shortly.

* Fixed up the hot air balloons so that they once again properly pass over non-wall obstructions (so things like trees).  The lack of this was making the bonus level Hot Air, Deep Woods impossible.

Thanks for the report. :)

Shakura Jolithion:
Thanks! I noticed the once-white balloon is now blue :P Level worked great, now to keep exploring and try to find all those darn papers >.>

Glad I could help! And yep, I changed the balloon color, too. :)

It seems to me, when looking at the pictures and the way the glasses are tacked on, that perhaps Harry and the other characters will also changed depending on the evaluation? Has there been anything on this yet?


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