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Grey vs Dead and other confusing terminology


In the Encyclopedia, there are some places where Greys are referred to as Dead, notably in the description for the Weak Spawner (PS if that's a WEAK spawner I never want to see a strong spawner...).

Also, it feels a little unpolished to have monsters and items in the bonus objective descriptions referred to by (what I assume is) their internal names rather than their names in the Encyclopedia.  For example, "Don't use any TacksPickup" instead of just Tacks, or "Kill all of type GreySlow before all of type GreyWandering" instead of Slow Grey and Wandering Grey.


* Fixed the gray spawners using old terminology of "dead" instead "gray" in the encyclopedia.

* In the bonus objectives, nicer encyclopedia-style names for the monsters and weapons and such are now used, instead of their internal names as shown in the level editor.

Maybe it's just me, but the "of type" bit feels a little overly technical to me, too.

"Kill all Slow Grey before all Wandering Grey" just sounds nicer, IMO.  ~shrug~


* Improved the wording of the bonus objectives again to not use the term "of type," which was overly wordy and overly technical-sounding.

just to add: it seems that in the encyclopedia and sometimes in dialogue, "New Grey" are referred to as "Recent Grey".

cheers :)


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