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Barrel Swamp?? (spoilers are ok)

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Hey all.....

So, it took me FOREVER to get through Tornado Alley, and when I finally did, I reached an impasse at the Barrel Swamp level.  Somewhat having fun playing, but it seems to be that I keep going from near impossible obstacle to near impossible obstacle and am not making a great deal of progress. 

Anyhow, when trying the Barrel Swamp level I have checked all of the three map screens that I can access and I cannot find a way out.  I just want to make sure this isn't a glitch?  There seems to be no way out and all paths are occluded by deep water.  Totally baffled, hints or even complete spoilers are welcome.  I'm very interested in the rest of the story, but I have to admit, I wish it did a better job of slowly pulling you through the story rather than dropping occasional bombs on you between lengthy, frustrating puzzle segments.

Cheers -- looks like you took the hard route, which is fine, but the puzzles are definitely 200% harder through the mines compared to the north route.  The game warns of this, but I know we gamers are kind of trained by long familiarity to ignore signs that say "danger," heh.

For the Barrel Swamp, the key to this is getting the sledge hammer, then the map.  The trick is:
1. Go right from the first screen to the second, and get the sledge.
2. Then make your way north onto the third screen.
3. Smash the two barrels to your left, looking towards where the map is.
4. Walk across the deep water here, which is false, and pick up the map.
5. Holding the map, you can now see all the false water, and can easily make your way to the exit.

Hope that helps, and that your enjoyment increases!

I actually got stuck on this very part.  I'm not entirely sure why I ignored all the "This will be really hard." warning signs. 

Tricky! That's awesome! Wouldn't have thought of that, thank you!   :)

My pleasure! :)


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