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The emotional roller coaster that is exhibiting at PAX is behind us for the second time this year. I was able to snap/dig up a handful of photos at the event showing the Indie Megabooth crew, our indie dev talk, the Arcen station, and one shot of me looking particularly frowny (think that was near the end of day two, so I may have been unconscious). Wish I had taken more, but it's such a frantic weekend I'm glad to have gathered what I did.

The Megabooth (exhibitors pictured) felt like a smashing success. The attendees bought into the wide variety of games and developer-run booths, and honestly there wasn't anything on the show floor that compared. Lots of great comments and compliments on the effort as a whole and our own specific games as well.

Showing A Valley Without Wind and Shattered Haven was a blast too. People had heard of Valley and/or Arcen a lot more than I was accustomed to, which was awesome. Shattered Haven was a surprise for both myself and attendees, as we weren't totally sure if we could ready a demo by that Friday morning. We managed to pull it off along with officially announcing the game, and those who asked got to check out the PAX-exclusive build.

Most enjoyed playing the games, and they seemed intrigued by all the developments taking place in the coming months for both titles as well as AI War.

PAX Indie Interviews
In my limited spare time I worked to get several video interviews of attending indies with the help of my friend and Arcen's trailer maker Kevin Harland behind the camera. I think we have some 16 or so in the can, with about a quarter edited and uploaded so far. I've highlighted our chat with Andy Schatz about his top-down heist game Monaco on IGM. It's one of the more anticipated indies in recent memories, and finally it's about done and ready for release.

AVWW Beta Keys Now Register On Steam
I believe this was semi-announced, not fully. So just to pass on the good news again: your A Valley Without Wind beta key will now register on Steam. That goes for keys purchased from other stores for the official release as well. We're very happy to be able to finally deliver on this promise, albeit very tardily. We really appreciate everyone sticking with us on it.

Beyond that it's been a pretty quiet period for the game in general, but trust me when I say things are going to get loud for it very soon.

Games Coverage/Videos
It's been a long time since I last updated, so there's quite a few links to pass on. Enough that I separated them out into a few categories in fact. I also included some links to developers I got to spend time with over the weekend. These guys are fantastic and so are their games.

General Megabooth Coverage
Kotaku -- Sweet Mother Of Pearl, There’ll Be A Lot Of Indie Games At PAX This Year

Destructoid -- Here are the games of the PAX Prime Indie Megabooth

Joystiq -- Indie Megabooth site up now for PAX Prime

Polygon -- Indie Megabooth brings 30 devs and more than 30 games to PAX Prime -- Indie Megabooth Occupies Pax Prime 2012

Indie Game Magazine -- PAX Prime: Indie Mega Booth Announcement

XBLA Fans -- Indie Mega Booth returns for PAX Prime with 30+ games

Hit Reset -- There Will Be Lots Of Indie Games At Pax Prime

We Got This Covered -- Indie Megabooth PAX Prime Roster Revealed

Other Megabooth Developers You Ought To Follow
Young Horses (Octodad)

Dejobaan Games (Drunken Robot Pornography, Drop That Beat Like An Ugly Baby)

Radial Games (Monster Loves You)

Broken Rules (Chasing Aurora)

Vlambeer (Super Crate Box and Luftrausers)

Ska Studios (Charlie Murder, The Dishwasher Series)

General Arcen Games Coverage
Full Nova Zero -- PAX Prime Preview: Indie Developer Arcen Games -- Trailer: Shattered Haven (Arcen Games)

VG247 -- Shattered Haven teaser trailer reveals a pixelated zombie apocalypse

Blue's News -- Shattered Haven Announced

Gamers Haven -- Shattered Haven teaser trailer

Weaboos With Controllers -- PAX Prime 2012: Shattered Haven is not your typical zombie game

Weaboos With Controllers -- PAX Prime 2012: A Valley Without Wind is procedurally awesome

Violent Gamer -- A.I. War: Ancient Shadows Expansion

YouTube Videos/Clips Of Our Games
Gaming With Cloud8745 Episode 1: Tidalis [Let's Play]

FrozenCereal's A Valley Without Wind Let's Play (3 Parts)

Shisno's A Valley Without Wind Let's Play (4 Parts)

Elite Effect Gaming -- Turbo Plays A Valley Without Wind (8 Parts)

Dwarro Games -- A Little Look At A Valley Without Wind Part 1 and Part 2

SoldierJens -- A Valley Without Wind [Let's Play]

NoNeedToBeHuman -- A Valley Without Wind - Level 1 Boss Tower Mission

A Valley Without Wind Demo [Let's Play] (Hungarian)


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