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Arcen Games Heading To PAX Prime With Indie Mega Booth

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We had a lot of fun exhibiting at PAX East earlier this year in Boston. So much so we decided we just couldn't pass up the chance to do the same at PAX Prime next week in Seattle. So if you're attending, keep an open spot in your schedule to stop by! (Or even better, give us a heads-up ahead of time to ensure I haven't run off to lunch.)

We'll be one of the 30 developers making up the incredibly amazing Indie Mega Booth (just look at all those notable developers and good games). We got to know a lot of these guys at PAX East, and we're excited to be a part of the massive collection of indie game exhibitors this time around. Specifically, I'll be located in booth #868 sharing space with the awesome folks of 24 Caret Games--developers of PS3 title Retro/Grade which just arrived this week on PSN. 
As noted in the trailer below, A Valley Without Wind will be playable. There may be some new artwork stuff to showoff there as well. I'll be chatting up the Ancient Shadows expansion with those who want to talk about it, but I doubt anyone would get much out of a short floor demo for a game like AI War. We're also planning some giveaways of our titles both on-sight and online; plus we may have something else to debut. Not sure yet, we'll see.
On top of that, I'll be heading up the 'Open Development for Indies: Why Cooperative Trumps Competitive' panel with a handful of other indie devs in the Serpent Theater, 3:00 PM on Sunday (September 2nd). If you're interested in indie development at all, or if you just want to say hi, make sure not to miss us in the afternoon during the final day of the conference.

If you want updates on what we and all the other devs in the mega booth are up to, or if you just want to support us all in general, the Indie Mega Booth Facebook and Twitter stuff is a go.
9 days and counting!
Here's the latest coverage coming in, mostly from the AVWW Steam sale (now concluded) and art update:

Joystiq -- A Valley Without Wind's impending art revamp in version 1.3, sale now

VG247 -- A Valley Without Wind 50% off on Steam, headed for graphical overhaul

Co-Optimus -- A Valley Without Wind On Sale at 50% Off
Blue's News -- A Valley Without Wind Art Upgrade Coming

PCGamersN -- A Valley Without Wind patch 1.206 “Watery Warp” released

DealSpwn -- A Valley Without Wind Getting Massive Art Overhaul

TheBitBag -- A Valley Without Wind 50% off on Steam, major graphic overhaul incoming

GameZone -- A Valley Without Wind getting graphical redesign

HardReset -- A Valley Without Wind Review

DealSpwn -- AI War Ancient Shadows DLC Enters Public Beta

Forum User Hartmann -- Let's Play A Valley Without Wind! (A Gainax Production)

Please post news of PAX Prime here?  Or on the site! Am looking forward to all the news and hope for positive and great time for everyone!


I wish I could go, but it's a tad far xD

It took me ages to find your booth because it wasn't actually listed on the program.  :P

So you guys were sharing a booth with 24 carat, is there any reason why other than just space limits?

Their generosity, actually. We went to pax east in an official capacity, but pax prime was only something Erik was going to attend as media. However, things worked out where we could share some space with our awesomely generous friends, and Erik wisely jumped on the opportunity to also do some exhibiting. Meanwhile I've been celebrating my son's second birthday this weekend -- pax prime falls at an unfortuitous time of year for my ability to attend.


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